FAcility Management Services

EPSL so far has developed wide range of skills and experience over the years in Facilities Management, providing more efficient and sustainable services for businesses within the private and public sector. We cover the following industries; construction, corporate, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, transportation and leisure.

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EPSL offers a balanced quality of services based on market demand, economic justification and value. Our unique approach working closely with our clients from day one to assess and understand the business needs, tailored to meet our client’s business expectation and satisfaction.

With our experienced facilities management teams, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver our integrated FM services, carried out by our EPSL staffs who are highly trained, flexible to adapt to rapidly changing environmental regulation with best practice in mind.

The facility management services we offer include everything and any activities that is not within the core activities of our clients, starting from but not limited to the four thematic areas displayed.

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Janitorial Services

We perform property cleaning and maintenance services carefully and timely.

Reception Services

We make visitors feel welcome and prevent unauthorized access to our client’s premises.

Hygiene Supplies

We clean and supply hygiene and harmless cleaning products

Waste Management

we carry out the activities necessary to manage waste from conception to disposal.